Our Vision

KTIF aims to: 

Impact the rural unreached in restricted and developing nations, who haven’t yet heard the Good News of the Kingdom of God. Some of these villages are in the remotest areas of the world that can take days to travel to by vehicle or by foot. 

Highest remotest village in the world at -5 Degrees Celsius.

Oxygen Recovery

Ancient Kingdoms

Bring transformation and revival.

Carefully select, partner with, disciple and raise up new local indigenous pastors, leaders, believers, migrant workers and networks. 

Run seminar-based training to emphasise on Kingdom principles.

Children's Ministry

Digital Training, Discipleship and Mentoring

Covid 19 created the necessity to use new strategies such as digital tools like zoom via the internet to continue to do ministry. Those that have been trained, discipled and mentored have reproduced this and are accessing social media platforms and apps to train others, gaining access to the unreached areas that are difficult to access by road or foot in isolated rural areas to people groups that have never been reached before with the Gospel and teaching.

Translated teaching material and evangelistic tools are used and bibles are also distributed to leaders who don’t even possess one.